Dennis Glenn

Managing Director 

Dennis Glenn founded Dennis Glenn Logging in 1986 where he was working preparing sites for planting. He saw an opportunity in harvesting which initiated the company that is now DGL.

Prior to the launch of DGL Dennis worked in the silviculture industry.

Dennis is still a hands-on leader within DGL's operations, Dennis believes ​quality leadership is important for the success of any business and it is no different at DGL. From the top down, our leadership team values a great work ethic, honesty and integrity.


Rob Scurr

Operations Manager

Rob Scurr started at DGL as a part time sole Mechanic in1989, not long after Rob finished his Diesel Mechanic apprenticeship Rob became a full time Mechanic for DGL.


Since starting at DGL, Rob has worked in almost every part of the business and knows forestry like the back of his hand.


In 2000 an opportunity came up for Rob to invest into the company, he knew it was an opportunity too good to pass up.

Like Dennis, Rob is very much hands on working in the field in forestry, transporting, health & safety and mechanical divisions. 

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Mike Leitch

Harvesting Manager

Mike started at DGL in 1995 as a loader operator, at this time DGL had only 1 forestry crew.

In 2000 Mike was offered an opportunity to invest into the business, Mike knew this was a great opportunity.

Mike is the cornerstone of the harvesting operations at DGL, like Dennis Mike is very hands on working along side the forestry crews on the ground,  to ensure the company is operating safely and efficiently. 

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