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Forestry Careers

A career in the forestry may seem daunting or to some even dangerous, but the processes and procedures in place today are vastly different from two decades, or even just a few years ago.  The industry is still constantly evolving with new technology and systems focused around safe and efficient practices. This means there are more roles in forest harvesting than ever before, and this also means more opportunity.

DGL is at the forefront of these developments and works closely with industry leaders both in New Zealand and around the world to ensure that we are leading from the front.

Working for DGL is the smart choice for young people looking for a career path that will open up opportunities for the future. No qualifications are required to start and the only prerequisites are that you have the right attitude and are drug free.


Whether you want to stay in the industry or travel the world, the skills you can learn working for DGL can open up a world of opportunity:​


Roles Within the Industry:

  • Poleman

  • Breaker Out

  • Tree Faller

  • Boom Loader Operator

  • Wheel Loader Operator

  • Log Maker

  • Skiddie

  • Spotter

  • Quality Control

  • Hauler Operator

  • Crew Manager

  • Health & Safety Advisor

  • Mechanic

  • Heavy Diesel Technician

  • Engineer

  • Truck Driver

  • Pilot Driver

  • Trainer/ Assessor 


Roles in Other Industries:

  • Crane Operators

  • Mining

  • Administration

  • Professional Sports

  • Armed Forces

  • Health and Safety Management

  • Forest Management

  • Trainer/ Assessor

  • Engineering 


On top of any qualification gained, here is just some of what you can expect to take out of a career in the forestry:

  • Physical Fitness

  • Machinery Operating Skills

  • Team Work

  • Leadership

  • Punctuality

  • Organisation

  • Discipline

What skills do you need?

There is such a wide range of roles available in Forestry that there truly is an opportunity for all skill levels. DGL employs its own trainers and assessors to provide on the job training which opens the door for crossover between roles. 

Most employees who have been with the business for more than 12 months have worked in a variety of roles and given opportunities to demonstrate a wide range of skills. 

As a basic rule employees need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be safety conscious and always work to standards and guidelines

  • Live a drug free lifestyle 

  • Be a New Zealand Citizen or hold a valid visa for working in New Zealand

  • Able to work to targets in a results driven structure

  • Have the right can do attitude

  • Demonstrate open communication

  • Encourage and inspire other team members to perform better

  • Be a problem solver

How do you apply?

Positions for entry level applicants are limited, with only a handful of vacancies open every year. If you think that you have what it takes to work for DGL then you can express an interest online. Be sure to include your resume and a cover letter telling us why you think a career in the forestry is the right move for you:

Express Your Interest
Paul Hardgrave - DGL Trainer/Assesor

Paul Hardgrave


"I’d just turned 18 and started logging for my father who had just started up a groundbased contract with Carter Holt.


My very first job in the bush was as a Tree Faller felling in a Production Thinning Operation which at that time was the coolest thing I had ever done. The outdoors is an awesome place to work in as I didn’t want to be inside and the people I met were hard but very entertaining and taught me how to be a logger.


35 years later I’m still here and loving it just as much as the first day I started. I have come up through the ranks by doing the hard yards in almost all areas of the bush from being a skiddy, to operating heavy machinery, to managing logging crews to where I am today as an inhouse Trainer/Assessor.

Being a logger has its challenges. Getting up early, weather conditions, long hours but the job variety and pay can be very rewarding if your prepared to work for it.

If this sounds interesting to you and you want to give it go it might just be the best thing that may happen to you as well. Good luck."


Thanks! We will review your enquiry soon and be in touch.

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2022 Winner:


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